Ten years helping children, youth and families in schools, community mental health programs, and in my private practice. I provide therapeutic services for clients with histories of trauma, neglect, abuse, and attachment injury. I also have experience with mood and anxiety disorders.

All inclusive, not only treating symptoms, but helping clients create a natural support system and lifestyle that maintains their healing. You will leave therapy having learned new skills to continue feeling healthy and successful when another stressful event occurs.

EMDR Therapy
Many people are curious about EMDR therapy. It’s an effective, well researched newer practice that I love to use with everyone. It’s connected to how our brain processes and stores memories and involves communication between our right and left brain. EMDR therapy sessions do not require you to talk in detail about distressing events or do homework. It can be completed in fewer sessions than most other psychotherapies. 

     What you can expect:
An Assessment to gather history, present concerns, and collect positive supports in your life.
EMDR Resourcing to create positive coping strategies to use daily.
EMDR Processing with bilateral stimulation while channeling memories and desensitizing negative memories.

Here’s a link about EMDR therapy.

My work with all ages is strengths-based and relational, because in therapy together we rediscover your inner resources, resilience and motivation for change. I provide you or your loved one a place to resolve past and current emotional injuries. We explore and understand your internal working model or worldview. Your current behavior and relationship patterns may have helped you function in the past, but they may be creating problems.

We can work together to learn and practice new ways of relating to others in the safety of a warm, empathic, and trusting relationship. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; solution-focused therapy if the problem is short term; mindfulness and creative visualization to manage symptoms; and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy to address trauma-related problems.


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